Asbestos Removal in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Asbestos Abatement Procedures in East Riding of Yorkshire

When dealing with asbestos in East Riding of Yorkshire, expert removal services are essential to address the hazards associated with this material. East Riding of Yorkshire has a notable history of asbestos use within construction, predominantly during the 1970s, as it was frequently employed for insulation, flooring, and roofing in a variety of buildings. Nowadays, the extraction and safe disposal of asbestos is a matter of urgency to protect public health.

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Why Asbestos Is a Concern:

  • Health Risks: Asbestos fibres, when disturbed, become airborne and pose significant health risks upon inhalation, including severe respiratory diseases.

  • Legislation: Global health organisations recognised the severity of these risks, prompting a movement toward the cessation of asbestos use to ensure worker safety.

  • Disposal: The disposal process for asbestos is strictly governed to mitigate any risk to both the environment and public well-being.

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Services Offered in East Riding of Yorkshire:

  • Assessment: Identification and assessment of present asbestos through a comprehensive register.

  • Removal: Skilled removal of asbestos using industry-approved methods.

  • Disposal: Secure disposal adhering to rigorous environmental standards.

  • Encapsulation: Where removal is impracticable, encapsulation ensures asbestos is safely contained.

Our East Riding of Yorkshire based team comprises highly trained professionals, adept at handling various asbestos-related scenarios. To illustrate the thoroughness of the service:

  1. Precise Identification: The professional team begins by meticulously cataloguing each instance of asbestos within the premises.

  2. Tailored Removal Plan: Next, they devise a bespoke plan of action, considering the specific characteristics of the asbestos present.

  3. Comprehensive Clearance: The team then executes the plan with precision, prioritising safety at every juncture.

  4. Documented Assurance: Lastly, certification and records are provided, detailing the safe and successful completion of the process.

This dedicated approach ensures that the process of asbestos removal is not only compliant with legal protocols but also minimises any potential risk to human health. The professionals in East Riding of Yorkshire are equipped to manage the complexities of asbestos abatement, giving you peace of mind that your environment is free from this hidden danger.

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Asbestos Removal in


Before commencing asbestos-related work, a meticulous strategy is paramount for both safety and efficiency. In this phase, specialists develop methods tailored to the unique intricacies of each site. Clients are actively engaged, ensuring they comprehend the precise actions to be executed.

  • Surveys: Initial asbestos surveys identify materials and possible risks.

  • Experience: Draws upon contractors' past knowledge to inform the strategy.

  • Risk Assessment: Evaluates potential hazards to formulate a safe approach.

  • Testing: Asbestos testing confirms the presence and type of asbestos.

  • Costs: The financial implications, including removal expenses, are anticipated.

  • Commercial Property: Special consideration for business premises is provided.

  • Licenced Contractors: Only skilled professionals with HSE approval are enlisted.

  • Health & Safety Executive: Compliance with HSE guidelines is a priority.

  • Method Statement: A thorough plan detailing steps, equipment, and timeline, including the management of electrical fixtures, is compiled to mitigate risks.

Extracting Hazardous Elements

Protocols for Safe Practices

When managing the extraction of asbestos, contractors implement stringent protocols to curtail health threats. They focus on minimising the dispersal of carcinogenic fibres known to trigger diseases like asbestosis and lung cancer. This operation is integral in residential and industrial settings.

  • Control of Access: Limiting access to the site is vital. Measures are in place to prevent contaminants from spreading via footwear.

  • Moistening the Premises: Before and during the removal, the area is dampened. This practice reduces airborne fibres and is applied except where electrical hazards negate its use.

  • Non-watery Techniques: In environments with a prevalence of electrical elements or devices susceptible to water damage, dry methods are preferred.

These procedures demonstrate a commitment to health and safety during the often intricate process of asbestos abatement. Through careful encapsulation and disposal, the contractors strive to eradicate the risks associated with materials like crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile.

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Our Services

Specialised containment systems, compliant with stringent regulations, ensure the reliable and secure disposal of waste. Notably, we handle hazardous materials, such as asbestos, with extreme care to protect both public health and our environment.

  • Robust Containers: Secure, dampened containers, assiduously labelled for safety, undergo rigorous checks. They're meticulously cleaned and locked to prevent any spillage.

  • Certification: Each disposal procedure is meticulously documented. We provide the necessary paperwork, aligned with Environmental Agency Legislation, to certify proper disposal.

  • Expert Team: Our skilled professionals, equipped to navigate complex situations, conduct disposal operations smoothly under the ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) regulations.

  • Prompt Service: Operating across East Riding of Yorkshire, our rapid response team ensures timely waste management solutions, standing by to address urgent requirements round the clock.

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